Not All Veggie Burgers are Vegan

Not All Veggie Burgers are Vegan

    That’s right. You can’t assume that just because it’s a “veggie burger” that it’s plant-based or vegan friendly.

    Egg is a binding ingredient that is most often used in vegetable burger patties.

    What Ingredients in Vegetable Burgers Are Non-vegan?

    Egg is likely the most common ingredient used in veggie burger patties. It is used for its binding properties to hold the patty together.

    Milk is also used in veggie burger patties on occasion. Seems like they just put milk in everything sometimes doesn’t it? Milk is not used as often as eggs, and are primarily to add moisture and flavor to the veggie burger patty.

    How Can I be Sure My Veggie Burgers are Vegan?

    1. Look for a “Vegan” label or logo.

    One sure fire way to ensure you’re eating vegan is to look for a logo stating just that. The downside to this is that not all vegan foods will be labeled and often enough the ones that are tend to be more expensive.

    1. Inspect the ingredients list if you’re buying them at a store.

    One vegan superpower that you’ll quickly acquire is reading ingredient labels at lightning speeds. Usually at the bottom you’ll see “Contains:” which will highlight any dairy, eggs, and other common allergy or dietary restriction ingredients. Don’t only rely on this though, be sure to skim the other ingredients as well. (Hint: all natural organic foods are much easier to read, and better for you anyways)

    1. Ask your server if you’re ordering from a restaurant.

    You shouldn’t be hesitant to ask your server at a restaurant which menu items are vegan. While it may seem awkward or uncomfortable at first, you’ll find that it gets easier over time. You’ll likely discover that some servers aren’t as helpful or outwardly supportive as others. And that’s okay. Don’t dwell on any negative reaction you may get. It’s their job, and you should never let anyone make you feel bad about doing something good for yourself.

    1. Make your own vegan veggie burgers.

    The single most effective way to ensure that you are eating vegan burger patties is for them to be homemade! Making vegan burgers can be a lot of fun and there are endless combinations of delicious ingredients to include. From a simple portobello cap burger to a iron boosting kale burger and everywhere in between.

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