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To us, the specifics of someone’s dietary, clothing, or other choices are just that - their choice. So whether you’ve been vegan for 30 years or are just now starting to be veg-curious, welcome.

Any efforts towards making this world a kinder, healthier place should be celebrated. Knowledge, compassion, and support are the key ingredients to making that possible.

Large compost bin with fresh veggie scraps

Composting for Beginners: Essential Guide to Start Composting at Home

Composting is an accessible and rewarding way to recycle your kitchen scraps and yard waste into a nutrient-rich amendment for your garden. By breaking down organic matter, composting reduces landfill…

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Fictional planet view of earth with growing trees and buildings

What is Living Eco-Friendly? Understanding Sustainable Lifestyle Choices

Living eco-friendly refers to practices and lifestyle choices that are conscientious of environmental sustainability. This includes reducing one’s carbon footprint by adopting behaviors that minimize waste, conserve natural resources, and…

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Person holding a sign that says "Choose Cruelty Free"

How Do You Know if a Product is Cruelty Free?

When you’re shopping for groceries, cosmetics, clothing, or many other types of items, it’s important to know where your products come from. Knowing whether a product is cruelty-free or not…

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Loaf of Bread

Eating a Low-Carb Vegan Diet

Embarking on a low-carb vegan diet marries the principles of restricting carbohydrates with avoiding animal products. This diet style aims at gaining the health benefits of a vegan diet, while…

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Vegan Meal Prep Tips: Plant-Based Planning

Embracing a vegan diet doesn’t mean you must sacrifice variety or taste. On the contrary, it opens up a world of colorful and nutritious possibilities that can fit into a…

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Money and avocados

Is Veganism Expensive? Cost of a Plant-Based Diet

Cost is a common concern among those who are interested in adopting a plant-based lifestyle. While there’s no denying that some vegan products can be expensive, there are ways to…

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