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Following a vegan diet and lifestyle may seem intimidating at first, but after a while of establishing healthy habits, it’ll be a breeze! Eating balanced vegan meals can do wonders for your body as well as your mind, but it is important that you make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs. That’s where Veggums comes in.

Browse through our articles to learn some very helpful vegan tips and tricks. From cooking, to finding vegan alternatives to your favorite products, to simply trying to be kinder to the beautiful world we live in – Veggums has you covered.

And in the event you’re not seeing what you came here to find, please let us know! We’re all about strengthening the vegan community and we can only accomplish that together. If you’re a writer and want to contribute, join the Veggums community and share your stories and ideas.

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Holding a tray of fresh picked vegetables in a garden with raised garden beds

Best Vegetable Gardening Options for Beginners

You’re itching to get your hands dirty and start your very own vegetable garden, but you don’t know where to…

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Fresh picked blueberries in a small bowl and on a table

Protecting Garden Blueberries: Organic Methods to Prevent Pest Damage

You’ve put in the time and effort to grow those luscious blueberries in your garden. Now, it’s time to protect…

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Strawberry patch with a bird flying over and protection methods such as painted rocks and netting

Garden Strawberries: Easy Steps for Protecting from Pests and Diseases

You’ve put in the time and effort to cultivate a beautiful strawberry patch in your garden. Now, it’s all about…

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Large compost bin with fresh veggie scraps

Composting for Beginners: Essential Guide to Start Composting at Home

Composting is an accessible and rewarding way to recycle your kitchen scraps and yard waste into a nutrient-rich amendment for…

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Fictional planet view of earth with growing trees and buildings

What is Living Eco-Friendly? Understanding Sustainable Lifestyle Choices

Living eco-friendly refers to practices and lifestyle choices that are conscientious of environmental sustainability. This includes reducing one’s carbon footprint…

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Person holding a sign that says "Choose Cruelty Free"

How Do You Know if a Product is Cruelty Free?

When you’re shopping for groceries, cosmetics, clothing, or many other types of items, it’s important to know where your products…

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Loaf of Bread

Eating a Low-Carb Vegan Diet

Embarking on a low-carb vegan diet marries the principles of restricting carbohydrates with avoiding animal products. This diet style aims…

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Vegan Meal Prep Tips: Plant-Based Planning

Embracing a vegan diet doesn’t mean you must sacrifice variety or taste. On the contrary, it opens up a world…

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Money and avocados

Is Veganism Expensive? Cost of a Plant-Based Diet

Cost is a common concern among those who are interested in adopting a plant-based lifestyle. While there’s no denying that…

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Campground with tent and fire in front of pine trees and mountains

Vegan Camping and Hiking Tips

Camping and hiking as a vegan presents a unique set of challenges and rewards. Preparing carefully ensures that you can…

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